Best Ways To Light A Pumpkin

The best way to light a pumpkin this Halloween season is up to you! Tried and true: candles tiny tea lights are the candles of choice if you’re a fan of the traditionally best way to light a pumpkin.

Lighting A Jack-O’-Lantern: Choosing the Best Illumination A tea light or pillar candle is a tried-and-true way to light a Halloween pumpkin. Nothing beats the warm glow of a real candle, but unfortunately, they can be a real inconvenience.

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Buy or DIY: Best Options for halloween pumpkin lights. … You can go old school and stick a tea light or candle in Mr. Pumpkin (or Ms. Watermelon), but you’ll have to keep an eye out for it. At some point the candle might blow out or burn down, and all your hard pumpkin-carving work will go unnoticed. But!

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With that said, the staff at Hickerson Brothers Electric Service has collected some of the best ways to light a pumpkin this Halloween. Candles The most traditional way to bring the jack-o’-lantern to life (but the least safe of all the options).

Best Ways to Light Your Halloween Pumpkin Newer, safer, and far more entertaining ways of lighting your precious Halloween pumpkins now exist. Ranging in price from a slight splurge to amazingly affordable, deviously deck out your pumpkin with the latest led lighting tricks and treats and banish a boring Halloween.

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